New Digs!

I am delighted to announce that I have moved into a lovely new room, and it is nothing short of HUMUNGOUS!.. soooo very excited! What excites me most of all is the prospect of decorating it and making it my own, I want to make it my own little haven, where I can unwind after crazy days, hide from the big bad world, and, now that I have the space, release all my creative energy!

And now that we're talkin' interiors here, I really like the bohemian style, which i've given a few examples of above... it incorporates a mixture of different colours, textures, fabrics and prints... which ends up giving the room a really interesting eclectic feel, and isnt too fussy about what goes with what.... I want there to be influences from all corners of the earth, places like India, Asia, and Africa... Morocco in particular... I'm lovin' those lamps and ottomans they be workin' :P

and what's more is that charity and second hand shops are some of the best places to pick up these eclectic little treasures, so ill be sure to look out for more than just clothes when Im on my next rummage...

So hopefully with a little bit of work I'll see my dream bohemian room come to life, and I can relax and unwind in it, and have decadent days and some exotic Arabian nights...



will post pics soon to show you how its coming along.. wish me luck!


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