Sugar Skulls

The Sugar Skull symbol originates from "The Day of the Dead", a religious holiday in Mexico.... I really like them, and I think they are so intricate and interesting, even kinda creepy in a ghost/spirit way... Sugar Skulls have been around for centuries and have been a big trend in old school tattoo inspiration... unfortunately in recent years the clothing brand Ed Hardy has adopted the symbol and tacked it up to the nines, emblazoning Sugar Skulls on its tee shirts and caps an so forth. ugh!
But despite its hard-core appearance, the Sugar Skull is still a really meaningful religious symbol, one of remembrance of the dead. I am actually planning on visiting Mexico later on this year, and am hoping to go when the festival is on in early November, so i'll surely see my fair share of sugar skulls while Im there!


Wide Eyed Fire Child


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