Fashion Innovation Awards 2011

Went to the fashion innovation awards last week, and had a ruddy good time for myself...
Presented by Golden Egg productions, its an award ceremony for fashion designers and students from fashion colleges throughout Ireland, showcasing the highest expression of creativity from the most innovative designers in Ireland.
It kicked off with a big fashion show, showcasing some fantastic designs from current Irish designers... what a spectacle! The caliber of some of the collections were just so so impressive....
And then it was on to the awards!
((drumroll please))
Categories and winners were:

Student Designer of the Year - Claire Silke

Jewellery Designer of the Year - Helen Conneely

Accessory Designer of the Year - Susannagh Grogan

The Designer of the Year - Una Burke

and a big congrats to them all :)

I must say I found the whole night very inspiring, and there were a few designers in particular that really caught my eye, and will be posting more on them soon...

but for now I'll leave you with one of my snaps from the night with my good friend and hair-stylist Byron...

and If I manage to find a full-length one I'll do a proper outfit post, you know those nights where I had the best intentions of taking loads of pictures, but kept just getting distracted by everything that was going on...

story of my life!


Wide Eyed Fire Child,


  1. More pics would have been cool, you looked fab..great night!! xx

  2. I wish I had more, a group shot of us all would have been epic! xx