I've been coming dangerously close to wetting myself the past few days, as the excitement of Primavera Sound festival reaches its peak... Yes thats right folks, Im going to Primavera in Barcelona... in a week!!! Heading over there with the boy and meeting up with more friends over there.... with two days to soak up the beautiful paradise that is Barcelona (I tripped there last year and just knew I would be coming back) then three days of Primavera madness, two days to chill, and then home again...


I've never been to this festival before, but I've heard great things... For one, there's no camping (WIN!) as its in the city, down by the water... how magical :)

and the line-up is too sweet: Fleet Foxes, Caribou, Warpaint, Gold Panda, Animal Collective, Big Bi, Odd Future, Darkstar, Interpol, JamieXX, and more!

I cant wait to frolic in the sunshine and let my inner hippy free, she's been cooped-up all winter and needs to get her freak on for god's sake!

anyhow, tune in next time, to hear about the outfits
*oh, the festival outfits!*

no one does "haute hippy" quite like the ol' Fire Child,
I tells ya!

But for now, I leave you with these seriously tasty tunes,

all of which I'll be rockin' out to at Primavera

(ok I know, I'm rubbing it in now :P)

Wide Eyed Fire Child,