Better With Age - My Old Faithfuls

Some of the shots form the first (of what will hopefully be many) shooting adventures with the fantastic Galway-based photographer Saibh Egan. I cant even begin to explain how happy I was to meet and shoot with this girl, or the amount of fun we had on that carpark roof. We even managed to persuade a passer by, the very friendly Coady from Canada, to get involved! Im wearing his jumper in image 3, ooooooooh :P

We had decided to start with a low key, under-styled shoot, so I basically just decided to stick with what I was wearing that day, which happened to be my old faithfuls.

These jeans I have had (and I'm not kidding here) since I was 15, and by-gum, they're still holding out. I picked them up in some shop who's name I cant remember, and thats not even there anymore, but what I do remember is that they cost me €10, and there were no rips on the knees when I bought them... but as you can see, time (and a alot of rolling around/playfighting/general tomfoolery in my teenage years) has changed that, and there are now two gaping (and ever-growing) holes, showing my lovely knobbly knees to the world...
I love the rips, especially because they are real, and not added in by the designer for a"pre-distressed" effect, which by way is one of my pet peeves with clothes.
My green leather jacket is my baby, my pride and joy. I picked it up on a trip to Finland a few years back, and I actually dont think a week has gone by since then without me wearing it at least once. It literally Goes. With. Everything. Its getting pretty haggard at this stage, and has more than a few scuffs and tears, but what the heck, I think they make it look better.

Under the jacket I'm wearing another old staple, a long sleeve basic jersey from American Apparel. Seriously, I know I'm not the first person to say this, but if you like having basic pieces in your wardrobe that will last you, then you need to hit up American Apparel. Their basics are amazing! Worth every penney, this piece is definitely an old faithful' in my closet. This top also has rips and fraying at the neck, due to my wearing it, oh, maybe 1,328,635 times... but I love it, for the exact same reasons that I love my knee-revealing jeans and my haggard-as-shit leather jacket.

In a wardrobe full too many of impulse bought, forgotten about, and generally disposable items of clothing, these babies have character, they've got a story. They've kept me warm and dry, they've seen me though some adventures, and some near escapes, crawled under gates and onto rooftops (to get a better view of the sunrise of course) And yes, they may have gotten caught on a rusty nail here, and a piece of broken glass there, but even after all this time, I think they still look pretty damn bad-ass.

And I must admit, they remind me of some seriously good times when I wear them.

Anyone else have any items of clothing that get better with age? I know I'm not the only one :)

If you like, Hype on Lookbook :)

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