Erin Love

Lord knows there are enough pretty faces out there in the modeling world.

But for a model to truly to stand out industry, they have to have that certain something more.

For me personally, that means an attitude... a presence... it's something that, even through a photograph, is tangible.

And in my eyes, Erin Wasson embodies just that.
How do I love thee, Erin?
Let me count the ways..

This was the photo that started it all for me.
oh how I fell, hook, line and sinker,
For this Texan beauty.

I have yet to find a photo of her that I don't find absolutely striking

She positively simmers on the page...

Jewellery and clothing designer extraordinaire,
and owner of some seriously enviable ink...
not to mention one of the few who can pull off "le side boob"
(as shown above)
She stole my heart when she pulled that skull-shirt over her head...

Wide Eyed Fire Child,

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  1. These collection of photos just show Erin has her own style which she always sticks to and can translate through photos. Love her.