Forbidden Fun...

You know when things just come together?...
When everything falls into place and its just beautiful? Well that would probably be the best way to describe my Forbidden Fruit experience... Having just returned from the awe-inspiring Primavera Sound Festival two weeks ago (& after having had a rip-roarin' good time mind you) another festival adventure was the last thing on my excitable little mind.... that is until, into my unexpecting hands fell a Sunday ticket, a lift, a place to stay, and most importantly some wonderful people to go with...

To say I had a good time would be quite the understatement, I got to see one of my absolute favourites, Caribou, who managed to coax the sun out from its hiding place as they were playing their epic and aptly-titled tune "Sun". Another band highlight, was Not Squares,(a cracking Irish band you should check out)who had us all under their spell as they belted out some of their anthems, and reminding me once again of the mind-boggling standard of Irish music at present.

I even managed to do some style-spotting, keeping my eyes peeled for any little festival fashionistas that might catch my eye, and Boy did I find some... Its wonderful how festivals give people the freedom to be more adventurous and creative in their style.

I love taking street style photos, you get to meet the nicest and most interesting people. Everyone is so enthusiastic, and many extremely flattered to have their photo taken for something.

Forbidden Fruit marks my second festival of the summer, and with two more to go, I'm feeling a very lucky girl indeed, ah la vie c'est belle!

I'll stop rambling now, promise.

Hope you like the photos guys,
and here's a bitta Caribou for the road sure :)

Wide Eyed Fire Child,

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