New Love

The legendary jewellery designer Pamela love has just had her A/W 20011 presentation in Milk Studios, NYC

I think its safe to say that with each new collection I fall in love with her creations a little more...
Her jewellery is amazing, truly. There is something so other-worldly about it that has had me fascinated ever since I first saw one of her collections about six months ago...

Understandably they're expensive but I'm determined to own a piece some day...

Everyone has those things right?, whether its a bag, a pair of shoes, or a piece of jewellery that is probably out of your price range, and maybe a little needless, but you're still determined to own it someday...
I think we should collectively start our own little piggy banks and kittys for that special something that we will cherish forever, because god dammit ladies
we are worth it!

Life's too short not to own at least one very expensive, but oh-so-fabulous trinket.

Wide Eyed Fire Child,

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