Pretty Polly Legs Eleven

Hey guys!
Some exciting news for you all! I'm in the final of a really exciting competition!

So way back in March, a friend showed me this competition being held on Facebook by Pretty Polly, the popular hosiery brand we all know and love, that were searching for the next pair of legs to represent their brand for 2011. Thinking how amazing and exciting of an opportunity it could be, I entered my best leggy photo, (above) one from a retro-themed shoot I did not too long ago with a wonderful photographer and friend Ronan. The public were to vote for their favourites, and the top eleven would be invited to London for a final judging to decide the winner. If that wasn't exciting enough, one of the judges is Henry Holland! Upon seeing that the competition wasn't finishing until the end of June, I was a little disheartened, and thought that with all that time and the hundreds of girls that would undoubtedly want to enter, surely I would never make it to the top eleven with these humble pins of mine!
Months passed, and I had little hope, thats is until, I checked up on it the night before the competition closed, only to find I was in 43rd place! OH THE EXCITEMENT! I asked for my friends on Facebook to kindly show me some support in the final hours, hoping that with a bit of luck I could make it into the Top Eleven. I was overwhelmed at the response my plea got, and the votes started tumbling in, and when the competition finally closed, I was in 7th place!!!!

This means that I am invited, along with the other Top Eleven gals (and one guy :P) to the Final Judging in London in August! Now I've started thinking about the competition, because having come this far, I have to be confident in myself, and that I have a shot at winning it. Why you ask? Because (and I apologise for shamelessly selling myself here) I think I could be just what Pretty Polly are looking for, I've got my own style and am not afraid to express it, through this my little blog that I love so much. My experience with journalism allows me to understand how the media world works, and how to effectively promote a brand or product... and hey, the modeling experience couldn't hurt right? Im not a professional model or anything, but It means I will be confident and comfortable in front of a camera, and able to hold my own, even amidst the possible madness of a Pretty Polly photoshoot!

I know all this sounds terribly corny, obnoxious even...and that's not my intention. If you want to achieve something, anything, that you have to 100% believe in yourself, or what's the point?! You have to convince yourself that you're the only person for the job, that you can do it better than anyone else, and fellas, that what I'm gonna try to do!

Now I just need to make a certain Mr Holland & co. believe it too :)

I am so grateful to everyone who gave the time to vote, and I thank you all for your support, much love guys, and if I do win, there shall be a pair of Pretty Polly's in it for you all, not to worry! <3

Also cannot wait to meet all the other finalists, it should be quite the adventure!

and here's a nice little video about the competition if you want to take a peek!

and check out the rest of the finalists here, on the Pretty Polly website,
definitely some nice legs in that bunch!

Wide Eyed Fire Child,


  1. Well done!! No wonder you're in the top, the photo is beautiful!

  2. Ciara!!! This is Awesome! well done hot stuff. I'll be rooting for you and if there is any more voting to be done, then let me know and I'll vote the shit out of that shit!

  3. Well done - fingers crossed for you!

  4. Thanks so much guys! I think im getting a little over-excited but what the hey! xx