90's Night

A few nights ago my friends and I had a big celebration of our wonderful friend Emma's 21st Birthday... and since there's nothing quite like a good "themed" party, we decided to throw a 90's themed bash, with our darling Emma being born in 1990 of course...
The ninety's, with its "anything goes" approach to fashion, is now commonly regarded as one of the worst fashion decades...
lets take a closer look shall we...
The Top 3 Main Offenders in 90's Fashion include:
1. Alien T-Shirts:

Alien tee-shirts, or any other conspiracy-related attire, was considered the absolute height of cool, with no self-respecting nerdy teen leaving home without his "They are among us" slogan displayed proudly across his weedy chest.
2. The Snap Bracelet:
Remember these babies?! Snap bracelets were all the rage when I was young. Banned from classrooms because of their loud slapping noise, and the fact that kids used them as an excuse to administer welts across each others arms, their contraband status only served to make them even cooler. To be worn loudly and proudly, as far as snap-bracelets were concerned, the more neon you could fit on your arm, the better.

The Jelly/Inflatable Backpack:
Stemming from the hilarious inflatable furniture trend, (see here) the inflatable or "Jelly" backpack is indeed the holy grail of ninety's bad-fashion lore. Sorry about the poor image quality guys... It appears even the internet is trying to erase all memory of this fashion faux-pas. Im ashamed to admit that I had one, in blue, which (very publicly) punctured and deflated a few days later. After this incident I decided that never again would I consider as a must-have fashion accessory, something that could double up as a flotation device.

There was one source however, that served to teach us clueless 90's kids how to dress appropriately in this decade, and that was: MOVIES &T.V.
Gems such as "Clueless", and "SpiceWorld" showed us how to rock the berets, the matching plaid, the china-bumped hair, not to mention the platform sneakers.
and for those of a more "alternative" disposition, movies such as "The Craft" and the cult t.v show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" educated us in the art of 90's goth and grunge.
Tune into tomorrows post to check out the Movies & T.V shows that defined the style of a generation.
oh, and to quell your curiosity, here's a few polaroids form the party.
Please, don't judge me!

Furby: Check, 90's pop cassettes: Check! 

My best attempt at a 90's get-up... 
looking respectable enough... before Byron did my hair in china-bumps that is... 

Rocking the stupid pout, peace-sign and multi hair bunches like there's no tomorrow!

Me and fellow blogger Byron Yeates, and some more peace signs!
Wild Child,


  1. Too funny for words! I too had an inflatable back-pack and snap bracelets. Who thinks of these things?! x

  2. I bet Anna Wintour was behind it all.... :P