Adventure Time

Well my loves, the time has finally arrived, and by the time you read this ill be on the road to London for the final of the Pretty Polly Legs 11 competition... exciting stuff! For those of you who missed it before, this will bring you up to speed. Its such an amazing opportunity, Im so excited and cannot wait to get there and meet everyone! Im gonna try my absolute best, be myself and just hope Im what the judges are looking for, and whatever happens, I know I will have so much fun... and thats really the whole point isnt it?

Ah adventures.... I do love them so!

Wish me luck guys! Will keep you updated as best I can, and who knows- I might pull it outta the bag!

Before I sign off I'd also like to say a humungous thank you to all of you who voted for me, without you behind me I never would have gotten this far. Your support means more than I could hope to articulate right now.
Much, much love, guys :)