Blazer Conundrum

A firm favourite amongst fashion bloggers across the globe, Romwe is showcasing a new range of blazers that appear to tick all of my Autumn/Winter boxes. With sharp cuts and smooth lines, they cast some interesting silhouettes that serves to catch the attention of a blazer lover such as myself. (Is there anything they don't go with??) However, When choosing my blazer for the coming A/W season, I must always take into account the quality and thickness of my fabric. Considering the weather we get in dear old Ireland, warmth is definitely an issue, and while I have a beautiful collection of coats that keep me warm, I find blazers always fall short in the thermal stakes. Oh, if only I could jump into my computer and try on some of these seemingly wonderful blazers, then I would know for sure!

Has anyone purchased a blazer from Romwe, and if so, how was the quality?
Or better still, does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere that you can get a nice sharp blazer that might actually help keep you warm? Im leaning on the River Island/ H&M side!
all suggestions welcome!


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