Guest Post:Blaubushka - DO THE ROAR

While im off and away in the horrible land of Laptop Limbo, (alas, its STILL in the shop) here's a guest post from the oh so lovely Blaubushka to keep you all entertained!

Enjoy, my lovelies. x

Blau von T from Blaubushka and The Hostess Handbook here. Blaubushka; an edgy scrapblog of fashion, style and beauty. The Hostess Handbook; a parlour of delicate beauty, a lounge of wit and the obscure, a kitchen of the kitsch and all things tempting.

Bottom left corner; Oasis. All other clothes; Topshop.

I've always had a fashion crush on the movie True Romance namely on those bright pink leopard print leggings. I'm a huge fan of leopard print and its associations with subculture; its a wild and independent print that unleashes something from within its wearer. What I'm noticing and loving about the arriving AW11 in store pieces are the acid pops of primary colours and layering of leopard print with luxurious faux fur, teddy boy hair and slimline modster ankle grazers. Here's to a revival and a reformation of modern subculture. Do the roar.
Blau x

Images via Topshop, Oasis, We Heart It

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