Superga 2750 Classic

Sneakers, Runners, Plimsoles, Pumps...

Whatever you like call them, they're a staple in most girl's wardrobes all year round, and a welcome haven to your poor feet after subjecting them to the perils of high heels.

If, like me, you're feeling like you want a bit more weather resistance in your sneakers this year than your usual €4 pumps (why do I do keep doing it to myself?!)
Or maybe, dare I say it, you're just plain bored of Converse, and feeling its time for a change?

I give to you the Superga 2750 Classic, the new kid on the block, sneaker wise, of course.  With its charming little platform and slightly geeky look, its certainly caught my attention, although it appears Im not the only one...

The Italian Superga's "2750 Classic" sneaker has been a favourite among the fashion-pack for some time now, with longtime fan Alexa Chung acting as their newest model.

Considering all of this, I am left rather surprised (and overjoyed) at their affordable €45 price-tag.

Available in all the colours of the rainbow, these sneakers are now placed firmly on top of my lust-list, though I feel it shall be quite some time before I manage to decide on which colour!


Decisions, Decisions!


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  1. love these shoes, where can you get them in Galway?:) you have suuch nice fashion sense x