Yin seeks Yang

Some photos from a shoot I did recently with the wonderful Saibh Egan.

I cannot express to you how much fun I have shooting with this girl.
She makes it so easy, you sort of forget you're in front of a lens.
When you're working as a model in any shape or form, you very quickly come to understand the value of a photographer who makes their subject feel comfortable. For those of you who are less familiar, Its probably the most important factor in getting a good shot.
Now I'm no professional, but I know that If you do not have that comfort, its impossible to establish a flow between photographer and subject.
In terms of energy and creativity, its symbiotic. One feeds off off the other, Yin&Yang style :)

She's moving to Dublin very soon, I don't know what I will do without her-

Now who will tend to my narcissistic-blogging-photography needs?????
She's my Yang for fuckssake!!!



Her photos have a nostalgic feel to them,  and she has a wonderful eye for detail and capturing those "in-between" moments.

Here are a few of my favourite shots of hers:


For anyone in Dublin (or thereabouts) looking for a killer photographer, you need to look this kid up.

And for any photographers in Galway (or thereabouts) of a creatively adventurous disposition:

Yin. Female. 22. seeking Yang.


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  1. Tear, this is lovely.

    And - Do I have news for you!

    See you tomorrow !

    x Yang