Photo Diary // My Week in Pictures


A few snaps of life lately, though the eyes of my trusty htc...
  1. my new 3DS and Zelda game, which has been eating up most of my free time, a gift from Yoseph for our 2 year anniversary.... SO FREAKIN GOOD
2. The lovely Laura and Liza, on the set of a feature movie we were all doing some extra work on called "7 Songs for Amy".
 3. Polaroid shots for Irish agencies, as well as Leni's Models in London, I am now signed to Assets Models Agency in Dublin, woo-hoo!
 4. Some recent nail experimenting. I present to you: the odd one out! If only I had my hands on a black sharpie, I wanted to do a little doodle on the white one. Maybe a smiley face, or an upside down cross... ooooooh intense!
5. Snakeskin boots in New Look. Give meh.
6. The lovely Byron, after cooking us all a Sunday roast, complete with the most delicious roast chicken, even though he's a veggie. Bless that boy.
7. A package of lovely tights that Pretty Polly sent me, Yippee!
8. Some of my Bargain Bar-Boot Booty (now there's a tongue twister!) from the White Elephant Bar Boot Sale on Sunday
9. The many faces of Yoseph Sheridan.... We went to Crackbird on monday, with the intention of eating a whole chicken each. We failed, but had a damn good time trying :)
10. The most uh-mazing lemonade
11. Empty spaces make for lovely photos

That's all for now folks, I  really like photo diaries, I think its a really nice way to keep people up to speed, and I love seeing them on other blogs, but what do you guys think?!


  1. tis the most amazing space iv ever seen :)

    also is that Byrons Roast dinner??

  2. Love the space.. I'd love that much space. Not so much the heating bill :)