Moroccan Magic

So I never really do beauty posts, mainly because I like to leave that to the experts, (you know who you are guys!) but there is one product I bought recently that is so good I just HAVE to share with you all!

and that product is.... ((drum roll please)) Moroccan Oil!

Doesn't look like much does it? Ok, so it doest score any points on the packaging, but hey, it's what inside that counts right?! This is pure 100% Argan Oil, or Moroccan Oil, as we like to call it here.
I had been intrigued by all the recent buzz about the amazing beauty benefits of Moroccan Oil, and was aware of the some salon brands that contained certain amounts of Moroccan Oil and were said to be brilliant, but the price tag deterred me. Being the shameless eBay hound that I am, I decided to go to the source and try to find some pure, unrefined form of it on the net. This cost me roughly €8, including shipping (which was free I think) and is actually bought via a seller from Israel, one of the regions in which the Moroccan Oil is derived. Local produce at its best!

I use a small amount (only a few drops) as a treatment on the ends of my hair after showering, when its towel dried, and leave it to soak in for as long as I like. Its not even that greasy, and after blow drying all traces of it are usually gone. Although I wouldn't recommend using it before a night out, its still very lightweight and non-greasy, and the difference in the ends of my hair was visible after only a few uses. My hair had been taking a bit of a beating recently, mostly due to the different modeling work I was getting, al that backcombing, heat and product use was starting to take its toll, it was really in need of some TLC.
Thankfully this Moroccan Oil really does the trick, and for an amazing price!

I just had to share it with you guys :)

I'll leave the eBay link in case anyone's interested, you'll be supporting a small Israeli seller!


Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!


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