Modeling for the Pretty Polly F-Store

Here are some photos myself and Saibh took on the NUIG college campus for the Pretty Polly F-Store. The weather was seriously grim, even by Ireland's standards! With the wind wreaking havoc and the light fading fast, we had to resort to ninja-like tactics to get the final shots.... including changing behind Saibh's car, and coming dangerously close to exposing myself to some lecturers... ah the joys of modeling... haha :) Check out all the other awesome tights on the Pretty Polly facebook page here!

Hope everyones keeping themselves wrapped up and cosy!


  1. Yes, what crazy rain we had at the start of the weekend, we still saw lots of fireworks and braved the weather in our cosy Fleecy tights!

    The f-Store is looking fab thanks to your pics you did with Saibh, thanks Ciara!

    PP x

  2. Ohh what a beautiful view indeed ! ^^ It's grey and wet here, hate it. :< Wishing you a lovely new week,

    xx indie by heart