Alexis Magazine Feature

I have some really good news for you all, I have been featured in Alexis Magazine, a wonderful monthly fashion glossy all the way from SINGAPORE! Crazy Stuff! Im featured in their "Global Trendsetters" Section! This is the second time I have been featured in this magazine would you believe, and I am so delighted I thought I'd share the photos with you for this months issue.
Its a great magazine, and its representatives were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I hope to be working with them again in the future, and I'll keep you guys posted an all that :D

There I am bottom right, and In some very stylish company might I add...I think its such a trip that Im being featured in a big fashion glossy from Singapore, or better still, alongside stylish cats from all corners of the Earth. The internet's a funny little thing, isn't it? Im off to check out all their blogs and websites now, should be some good reading.


  1. oh my god cant believe i won i never win anything...this has made my month!I'm chuffed!thanks a million :)

  2. No worries Jean darling! Ive got your address now so I'll post it first thing tomorrow! and thanks for entering, Much love :) xxx