Galway Blogger Meet-up

Here are some photo's from the first Galway Bloggers Meet-up which I organized recently!

The Ultimate Dweeb.

Featured in the Galway City Tribune, photo by Joe O' Shaughnassey
(and yes that is my actual laptop, I'm a big sticker fan)

  Some lovely images and press from the recent Galway Blogger Meet-up that I organized in the House Hotel. With so many different bloggers, and so much creativity in this city, it was wonderful for us all to meet up to share ideas and network in person (with tea and cake!) We also formed a Collective for ourselves on Facebook so we could stay in contact. For more info, Check out this article by the wonderful Lia of Rags and Retrospect who covered the event for the website Studenty Galway. If you are a Galway-based blogger and would like to join, please do so here!