Maybe its down the horrendous weather we've been having here in Ireland lately, but I've found myself stricken with a dose of parka fever. Comfortable, versatile, and fashionable, a good parka should be a staple in every girls wardrobe I reckon! This lovely number I'm wearing was a gift from the lovely LaRedoute.com, a wonderful french clothing website. At an very affordable €59, it also has a detachable fur collar, and a detachable inner layer, so I can make it less heavy for summer-wearing. Now thats versatility! I've been living in it since it arrived, so I thought it was only right that I should share it with you guys. Here are some more fashionable ladies that appear to be equally stricken by the parka fever!
Fellow-blogger Sian O' Carroll looking stylishly snug.
Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, and Natalie Portman all wearing the same Ralph Lauren Parka
Ps: While I was taking these Photos with the lovely Saibh Egan near my house, my boyfriend thought it would be funny to sneak up behind me and scare me, and Saibh was there to get it all on camera.
He's such a goof!


  1. Waaah there's me! Thank you ever so much! :) xx

  2. Fab post - funnily enough my least fave shots are the celebs! Everyone else looks amazing xo

  3. I know right! I was actually thinking of removing them, who really cares about the celebs anymore, its all about the boggers! haha :) x

  4. Love that parka!I live in mine, wear it nearly everyday to college! great collection of pics! and I agree! it's all about the bloggers!!:) x

  5. How have I never come across your blog before?? Love it!! Adore the parka, always something I wanted to invest in but never found the perfect one.

    Denise x

  6. Thank you so much Denise darling, I'll check out your blog right now :D xx

  7. Def love the parka look!!!!
    Now I want to go buy myself one!!!

    xoxo, maria