Sunday Independent Life Magazine!

Oh my God!!!!!

You know when things happen sometimes and you just have to pinch yourself to make sure that its really happening? Well I feel like I've been having alot of those lately. Why in God's name would the writers of the Sunday Independent's Life Magazine think that I'm somebody worth knowing about? I have no idea, but about a month ago I had a lovely interview with the charming Julia Molony, followed by an energetic photoshoot in the Independent House in Dublin with the talented Gerry Mooney. Here, my darling readers, is the result. I must say I was nervous about the outcome, but after reading it, I feel very humbled. Thanks Julia for doing such a good job, and for trying to make me look halfway decent. :) If anyone finds it hard to read, there's an online version here ((Notice how it's filed under "Celeb News" bahahahahhahahhaah!!!)) Oh, crazy times indeed!