As divided as the public may seem about her, I must confess, I am a fan of the Del Rey. Her music, her style, and her pageant-queen-meets-girl-next-door beauty. The genuine article or not, her music does it for me, it fills that guilty-pleasure pop-music void that I've had since Gaga's last album. Not to mention I think that whole self "gangster-Nancy Sinatra" look she has going on is killer. I feel the sheer amount backlash she's been getting since  "Video Games"  is unjustified, some of the reviews are just downright nasty. Whether or not she is an entirely self-made character or not doesn't affect my enjoyment of her music and her style. It is pop music after all. If she is just playing a character, then so be it, I like the character she plays :)


What are your thoughts on Lana?I'd love to know, Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below!  It seems everyone has a different opinion,I just thought i'd share mine! :)