Just a quick non-fashion related post for you all, I have two wonderful things to celebrate today! 

Firstly, today is International Women's Day!


 I don't claim know what exactly this day means to each of you, some of you might not even care much, but it really is a day that we should all be proud of.
First established in 1909, International Women's Day is a global day celebrating 100 year's of women's achievements in the social, economic, and political sphere. Today we celebrate women of the past, present and future, all that we have achieved and also, we acknowledge all that there is left to do.

As a someone who is involved with various aspects of the media, (blogging, modeling, journalism, and presenting) it is difficult to ignore the inequalities and misrepresentation that our gender still suffers. 
For any of you who are interested, here is a trailer for a fantastic documentary about the misrepresentation of women by the media.

Released at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, this is a moving, compelling and fascinating look at some very real issues concerning women today. Concerning you and I.
However shocking, it is also an entertaining and uplifting watch, so don't let the "heavy" content deter you, this is a must see.

Fore more information visit: http://www.missrepresentation.org/

I might put together a screening of Missrepresentation somewhere in Galway soon, if people would be interested in going, please let me know if you would like to attend!

The second thing I wanted to celebrate today, is my blogs first birthday!


Yes, Wild Child Stories is now one year old, and what a wonderfully exciting, adventure-filled year it has been. This blog has brought me some amazing places, and I am so happy to be able to share my journey with you all, my fantastic readers. Seeing all of your lovely responses and positive feedback, not to mention engaging with all the other amazing bloggers, in Ireland and beyond means more to me than I can express!

So here's to another year!
 Thanks for reading guys, I only hope I can keep you coming back again and again.


  1. congratulation to us women and to you blog!

  2. Great post- I watched miss representation last week, its really scary how objectified women are in the media. Happy birthday and womens day to your blog c: x

    1. Thank you Harriet, yes its a shocking watch, I think they're are so may things that we take for granted about how we are perceived, when in truth it is so bizarre! xxx

  3. Happy blog birthday! I must watch that documentary over the weekend, it looks great.

    1. Cheers kitty darling, and yes its a great watch! xxx

  4. happy blog birthday! that looks like a great watch let us know if you do organize a screening! x

    1. Thanks so much guys, and yeah I definitely will! :) xoxo