Barcelona Photo Diary (& Video)

Hola Chicas! So I'm back from my travels in Barcelona, and what an adventure it was!!! Given that it was my third time in the city (and had already seen many of its main attractions), I had wondered what else there was to see and do in the city that I hadn't  seen and done already. Well I needn't have wondered at all, as I had the most INCREDIBLE  time!

Port Aventura theme park was probably one of the funniest days of my life, I highly suggest checking it out if you get the chance! The Primavera Sound music festival was even better than last year, which I honestly didn't think was possible! I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to blog at all during the festival, it was just too hectic! The line-up was fantastic, I saw The Cure, Waves, BeachHouse, Yan Tiersen, The Rapture, Justice, The XX and Grimes, to name a few!  I drank, I danced, I partied, I even crowd-surfed, and I had the time of my life :D I even met some of the band members around the festival area, and they we're all so lovely.

Honestly, if anyone is ever contemplating going to a festival abroad- DO IT!! Its the best. One of the most amazing parts to my holiday was definitely the group of Catalan friends myself and Yoseph (my boyfriend) made while we were there. We met them briefly at the festival last year, and after hitting it off instantly, we arranged to meet up again next year. I am so glad that we did, as they absolutely made the festival for us. They were so warm and welcoming, and SUCH craic, not to mention all fluent english-speakers! We quickly learned that, when it comes to partying, the Catalan people can definitely teach the Irish a thing or two!

 All in all, Barcelona completely bewitched me, once again.  Between the music, the weather, the atmosphere, and the amazing people, I will most definitely be going back as soon as I can :D Here are a few snapshots from my holiday, most of them you can find on my instagram profile, which I was updating regularly while away.

Some of the dresses I packed for my trip, pastel floaty loveliness <3

our last night at Primavera, so much fun!

View from our apartment window, it reminds me of the movie Rear Window!

More Primavera goodness

my wristband, and some beaded bracelets

Eating watermelon breakfast on your balcony, certainly wont be doing that at home!

also, here's a video that myself and Yoseph made at Port Aventura, thought you guys might like, its pretty silly, so be warned! :P

Thats all for now guys,
I hope you enjoyed!

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