Beauty Review: Nail Art // False Nails by Dazie Jewellery (& Video)

  A lot of you guys probably saw my recent post on the Nail Art Trend (Click here to read) in which I basically explained that I wanted to feature some online and local sellers that offer to cater to those of us who are a bit less dexterous in the nail painting  department, but who also want to indulge in the nail art trend. The first seller Im looking at is Dazie Jewellery, who offer an amazing array of false nails painted in really funky designs. I chose this gungy/slime/bleeding pair and I absolutely LOVE them! At only £5/€6 they're extremely reasonable, especially given the detail of some of their designs. The pack comes with a small tube of glue, a small nail file, and 10 false nails. They don't give you any spares which I would imagine could be a problem for some people with different sized nail beds, but thankfully mine went on fine. They also came in that square nail shape which Im not too keen on, so I simply used the small nail provided to give them a more current oval shape. They feel great, I've had them on for nearly 24 hours now and they feel very secure. Despite a bit of fumbling here and there while Im adjusting to the new nail length, they're easy to work with- typing did feel a bit weird at the start though! :P More importantly, they look absolutely fabulous, Im so chuffed with the design, and I can't stop looking at them. Im not too sure just how long they'll stay on for, but I think that depends on the glue you use, and so I went out and bought some proper "Kiss" nail glue from boots, so if I need to re-apply them I'll use that stronger one. Al in all I think these nails are an absolute bargain, especially if, like me, you're pretty useless with Nail Art, and want to indulge in the trend. They would be perfect for a weekend away or a festival, or an event that you wanted to look your best at. At the moment Dazie Jewelley is currently offering 20% off everything in their shop, if you just use the code "back2" at the checkout! You can check out all their other designs on their facebook page here, there are some wicked designs in there! Keep an eye out in the next few weeks as I'll be featuring more great shops and sellers like this.


I also uploaded a short video to youtube to show them off, so I might aswel throw it up here too :)

Some more designs that Dazie Jewellery offer- I want them all :O

So what do you think of the nails? Will you be buying them? Feel free to let me know in the comment box below  



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