Diet Coke Fashion Friday #1: The Military Trend ~ Everything you need to know to nail this Key Look for Autumn!

I'm delighted to announce that Diet Coke have chosen me as one of their "Fashion Friday" bloggers! 

Every Friday myself and some other great blogs THUNDER + THREADSThe Licentiate, & Sugahfix.com will be posting on a different topic! So here's my first installment ~ The Military Trend, and how you can nail it! Hope you like :) 

Now, I've never been one to follow trends blindly, and As far as seasonal trends go, Im usually rather reluctant to go jumping on the bandwagon. I prefer to wait and choose elements of trends that work for me, and that fit in with my own personal look, whatever that may be! There is one look however, that has stolen my heart completely, and that is this seasons Military trend! 

  What is it? The military trend, or the "army trend" as many call it, has resurfaced many times over the past few years, although this time however, it has a more laid back, grungy look. Think Khaki, Camouflage, Parkas, and lots of chunky knits, in tones of green, brown and grey. 

  Key Piece? The camouflage jacket. Can be worn dressed up or down, this one piece will take you everywhere from festivals in the summer, to your everyday looks, and it can even keep you warm (and looking stylish) on a night out! 

  How to wear it? Incorporating the military trend into your look couldn't be easier, as the focus is on a casual and grungy look. Invest in a Parka jacket, and you'll never look back. They are perfect for irelands unpredictable weather, not to mention one of the most comfortable coats out there. The same goes for the camouflage jacket, which is not only fashionable but extremely functional. Just remember to keep the rest of the outfit on the fitted and feminine side, and let your military pieces add that extra edge to your outfit. 

  Where to get it? Thankfully most of our high street favourites are stocking elements of the military trend that you can pick up at reasonable prices, but the key players are Zara, Urban Outfitters, Penneys, and Topshop.   

  Top Tip: If you want to stay ahead of the fashion pack however, be sure to check out your local vintage sellers, as you can pick up real Camouflage jackets and army jumpers for a fraction of the high street cost! If you don't have a vintage shop near you, don't fret! Log on to CottonFaceVintage.com or check out ShutterBug  on Facebook, and they will find the perfect vintage military piece for you. 

  How I worked the Trend: I picked up a camouflage jacket in my local vintage shop, Public Romance in Galway, and I have been living in it ever since! It kept me warm and dry at Electric Picnic music festival, and it finished off many an outfit at my recent trip to London Fashion Week. I wear mine with just about anything, and it is definitely one of my favourite buys of the coming season.

 I prefer to work the military trend in a rather grungy way, teaming it with my chunky platform boots and polka dot tights. I like to finish the look off with a elements of gold jewellery, and lots of attitude :)

  So what do you guys think of this look? Is this a trend you will be trying out? How would you style your military piece? I wanna know!

 However you chose to do it, the key strategy to really working any trend is to have fun with it!   

   (Wild Child Stories is one of  the four "Fashion Friday" bloggers writing for Diet Coke. These monthly posts are published both on WildChildStories.com and the Fashion Friday tab on the Diet Coke Facebook page to 1.9 million people. ) 

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