Interview with Laura Sheeran aka "Glitterface" of NanuNanu

Today we get to have a chat with fellow "Wild Child" Laura Sheeran, musician and artist, and one-half of the incredible band Nanu Nanu. Laura plays the mysterious character "Glitterface" on stage, and her amazing sound coupled with her entertaining on-stage presence makes Nanu Nanu a rising star on the Irish music scene.
 NAME: Laura Sheeran/GlitterfaceAGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Musician/Performer with NANU NANUFAVOURITE FOOD/MEAL: Anything with LOADS of garlic in it!
FAVOURITE PERK OF MY JOB: Getting to go wild and be super creative with elaborate costume ideas and being able to dress up for every gig!
FRIENDS TELL ME I'M: A workaholic
MY PROUDEST MOMENT TO DATE: When NANU NANU did our first gig, we were put on as the headline act (having never played before!) for a 'Ones To Watch In 2012" festival in Dublin and we played to a full house who danced and jumped and shouted - the atmosphere was amazing and the crowd were totally on fire, we'll always remember that as the best first gig ever!
LAST DREAM I HAD: You seriously don't wanna know!
MY GUILTY PLEASURE: I LOVE Home & Away, always have, always will.
MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE: Em, I'm not sure.. I have a feeling I'd be able to list a lot more of those by the end of the year :P
CURRENTLY LUSTING AFTER: The Moog Theremin they are stocking in Music Maker at the moment... covet, covet, covet!
PET PEEVE: I hate the sound of people eating with their mouth open and I also have a completely irrational fear of animals paws... jump on me, and I will scream
BIGGEST SPLURGE/SPEND: Probably my laptop, I never really have a lot of money but when I do, it has to go on something work/music related...
DREAM HOLIDAY/TRIP: Oh my god, ANY holiday or trip.. I haven't been on a holiday since 2009.
WHERE I'LL BE IN 5 YEARS TIME: Touring the world with NANU NANU, of course!
HOW I WIND DOWN: Watching episodes of 24 in bed
MY MANTRA/SECRET TO SUCCESS: 'Progress, not perfection'
IF I WAS AN ANIMAL I'D BE: does an Alien count? I'd be an alien, in fact, I think I am and alien.
MY CELEBRITY CRUSH (DEAD OR ALIVE!) : Beyonce, without a doubt.
MY CURRENT DREAM/GOAL: To get to gig in The States. I've never been outside of Europe.
ADVICE TO MY 16 YEAR-OLD SELF: 'Don't bleach your hair AGAIN! It will all fall out, you'll have to cut it up short and it will start going grey, by the time you're 25, you'll be half grey!' TRUTH.
WHO/WHAT INSPIRES ME: People who work hard and achieve their goals, but also enjoy themselves and don't let stress get the better of them. I am inspired by people who aren't afraid to do their own thing and are true to themselves. I know it sounds corny.. but not enough people really follow their dreams.. we only have one shot at this, live the live YOU want live, not the life society says you should.

To stay updated with Lauras antics, you can like NanuNanu's facebook page HERE, where you'll find exclusive photos, tour dates, videos, and more fun stuff. Check out one of the duo's latest videos: "Skin". Its a cracking tune, and the video is very cool. Enjoy guys :)


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