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I am delighted to announce that WildChild Stories will now be bringing you exclusive interviews! We have just launched the "Wild Child Files",  a quickfire question round, and a weekly feature  in which we will be talking to some of the hottest names in the Irish Fashion & Media Industry.  So lets kick things off with this weeks subject, the fabulous Lorna Claire Weightman, founder of mega fashion website StyleIsle.ie, and presenter of online fashion channel, StyleNation.

NAME: Lorna Claire Weightman
AGE: 29 years and 10 months. The dreaded 30 is almost upon me.
OCCUPATION: Fashion Journalist and Stylist
FAVOURITE FOOD: Toasted Cheese sandwiches. But they have to be made in a toasted sandwich maker. 
FAVOURITE PERK OF MY JOB: Being invited to lovely press events where I get to see collections before they hit the shops and the odd front row ticket at London Fashion Week
FRIENDS TELL ME I'M: Motivated. Creative. Direct.
MY PROUDEST MOMENT TO DATE: Graduating from College but most recently seeing a large fashion editorial I styled and wrote in a UK magazine.
LAST DREAM I HAD: I can't remember. I have dreams, but by the morning they've gone and I can’t remember a single detail. Weird considering I am a sucker for detail.
MY GUILTY PLEASURE: Coffee and Penneys
CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO: Skeleton Boy by Friendly Fires. I could seriously dance to this all day. 
MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE: Wearing tights inspired by Denis the Menace when I was 16. My Mum said to me recently she never corrected any of my teenage fashion faux-pas as I would learn eventually. Oh ok Mum, you were right.
CURRENTLY LUSTING AFTER: A Gucci flapper style dress from their Spring Summer 2012 collection. I WANT ONE!
PET PEEVE: People who don't thank the bus driver. He/she got you home safely in rotten traffic/snow/apocalypse-like rain so be nice. 
BIGGEST SPLURGE: More than one Marc Jacobs handbag. 
DREAM HOLIDAY: The fashion week tour, attending NYC, London, Paris and Milan with tickets to Burberry, Chanel, Louis Vuitton …...sigh.
WHERE I'LL BE IN 5 YEARS TIME: Hopefully still doing this job, having added some more fashion credentials to my name. Here's hoping anyway.
HOW I WIND DOWN: That's something I am still trying to master, but I do love to read. I devour literature and will easily get through a book in a day if I have time. At the moment I am getting educated in John Le CarrĂ© and I am almost finished the George Smiley series. I gotta say, it was tough going. 
MY MANTRA/SECRET TO SUCCESS: Self-belief. I knew I could do this and I worked and worked to achieve my goals.
IF I WAS AN ANIMAL I'D BE: A flamingo. Believe it or not, I recently took pics in a photobooth with shoe designer Charlotte Olympia with flamingos as props. I giggle thinking about it. :)
MY CELEBRITY CRUSH (DEAD OR ALIVE!) : My crush changes weekly but at the moment I have a thing for Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock-yumminess. 
MY CURRENT DREAM: My goals are multi-faceted - to have my own fashion TV show, to edit a magazine, but ultimately to be happy in myself and stay healthy.
ADVICE TO MY 16 YEAR-OLD SELF: Relax, you will come into your own and stop comparing yourself to everyone around you. He'll tell you he likes you when the time is right.
WHO/WHAT INSPIRES ME: I've said this in other interviews but everyone from icons like Debbie Harry and Pat Benatar to those close to me, like my Mum (who I blame for the shopping addiction) inspire from a style and personal perspective. But honestly, inspiration is of the moment. You see something. It gets hold of you. You write about it.

Hope you guys liked reading this interview! Would you like to see more of these on the blog? I'd love to know!

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