London Fashion Week - Day 1 - Photos and Updates

 So I'm here in London for Fashion Week!!! This is going to have to be  a rather quick post today, as I have to run out the door again! Internet was being funny last night so I wasn't able to upload anything unfortunately, but here is a quick update of the situation for you all :) Myself and Byron landed safe and sound yesterday, and although we missed most of the first day, we decided to pop into Somerset House anyway to see what was going on! We met up with loads of the Irish bloggers, Tar Mar, Leanne Woodfull, Conor Clinch, Sarah & Jennie from WWIT, and a few others. It was so great to meet up with some familiar faces, some of the girls I had never even met properly before so it was really great to have coffees and chats. I had an absolute blast hanging out with them, and as per usual with LFW, there was some serious style (and celeb) spotting to be done! (Above Photo: Here's a quick snap of  some of the group of bloggers from Ireland, from left to right: Sarah & Jennie from WWIT, Myself, Byron Yeates, and Tar Mar!) Here's a quick snap of my Blogger pass for LFW, its so funny to see my details printed out on a card like that, I feel so official! It was a bit of a proud blogger moment I think!

 I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my idols, Laura Whitmore! Yes, as lame as it sounds, she is someone I really look up to, particularly from a career perspective, I just think she does her job so well, and I would aspire to someday be in the position she is! She was so nice and friendly though, and so easy to chat to. Its funny, as I have had the opportunity of meeting quite a few big names through my work with Fashion Week before, but she is the only person that I've met that made me a a bit jittery and nervous. (So lame, I know!) Check out the head on me, FanGirl or what like? I'm such a dork :D

Thats all my news for now really, as I arrived so late yesterday (and was horribly sleep deprived) I decided to take it easy on the videos and all that, but todays a new day! Im heading in now to do some street style spotting and catch some shows hopefully, and I'll be videoing my adventures so I'll see who I can grab for a chat! The House of Holland show is also later this evening, and I'm super excited about that! I'll try to update as much as I can via my Twitter and Instagram, so if you're not following me on those yet, get involved! I better go now, so wish me luck!

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