My Week in Pictures ~ Photo Diary (Food, Recent Purchases and More!)

Hey guys! 
Hope you're all wrapped up warm during this miserable weather! I thought I'd do another Photo-Diary style post for you all, since you seemed to enjoy the last few I did :) 

Here's what I've been up to the last few days:

I received the sweetest postcard from my good friend Emma who moved to France recently. I miss her dearly, and we are determined to be pen-pals while she's away. I really enjoy writing letters, and I think receiving a handwritten letter in the post is so much more meaningful and personal than a typed email. I'm sending her reply in the post tomorrow!

I've started re-watching one of my all-time favourite Tv series, Twin Peaks. Its even better the second time round, perfect for cosy nights in during the bad weather.

Two new purchases from DaisyStreet, an online shop that I discovered recently, they're great value, and it turns out they have great customer service too! The Vogue print clutch is something that I know not everyone will like, but I absolutely love it, I think it's just the right shade of tacky. Plus it reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear, and she was never afraid of a bit of tack. No sir-e! As for the high-tops, well I think the photo illustrates perfectly as to  why I bought them ~ they're Badass :D

Yos snapped up this gorgeous Lyle&Scott navy pullover for me from the menswear sale at his work. Im no stranger to wearing boys clothes, and this geansai is the perfect fit and so cosy. G'Man Yos!

Salmon Frittatas at McCambridges restaurant ~ Heaven on a chopping board!

I picked up some goodies from the Mac Cosmetics Stand in Bt's today, it was a great way to cheer up the wet miserable day that was in it! I bought two gorgeous lipstick shades, which I promise I will show you soon. (Im also wearing one in the photo :D )

Bagely-goodness, with lots of ham, pepper and lettuce!

The best way to chill out after a long day. Im currently addicted to Skyrim, and RedDead Redemption is next... Anyone have any good game recommendations?

Due to the impending gloom of Ireland's Autumn/Winter, I bought a new pair of fleecy pajamas. They are just about my favourite thing right now, and  have been wearing them far more than is socially acceptable.

I undertook my own little experiment recently in which I tested the various low-cal hot chocolate drinks that were on the market. In case you're interested in the results, the Options flavours were delicious, the Weight Watchers one was alright, and the Cadburys Highlights one tasted like ass.
Im off to buy a big box of the Options one now, yahoo!

Thats all for now guys,
I hope you like these Photo-Diary style posts, and remember, you can catch all of these photos and more if you follow me on instagram here.


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