Outfit of the Day: featuring my super-duper limited edition Chucks & handmade pouch bag!

Yesterdays outfit was pretty casual, due in large part to the weather. (gosh I do complain about it an awful lot don't I?) I went to meet a friend for a long overdue coffee, and wore my favourite leather Asos biker jacket, plain black jeans and blue knitted jumper, both from River Island. I'm also wearing my beloved leather converse, which I haven't shown you guys before, they are the business! SO comfortable, and they feel so much more durable than regular converse. My friend Saibh bought them initially, but alas the didn't fit her properly, so I kindly took them off her hands. I love high-tops, and have been wearing chucks and skate shoes since I was a kid, so and these are such a great find! The tongue is massive and padded, which is wicked. They're also limited edition, so you can't get them anywhere now :D (sorry Saibh)

I got a wonderful package yesterday morning, two pouch-style clutch bags, handmade by the wonderful fellow blogger TarMar. When I saw she was making these I just had to pick one up, and since It was so hard to decide between the different colours, I just bought two :) But its ok, her prices are really reasonable. I'll be posting a review and short interview later today, so stay tuned for that guys!
Oh yes and my hat is American Apparel, nicked from Yoseph, hehe!

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