Photo Diary! (Volvo Ocean Race and other antics)

Hey guys! I'm really sorry about my unexplained absence over the past week and a half, but I've been crazy busy with a few different projects! Its all very exciting, and I'm going to try to record a video-blog either today or tomorrow to fill you guys in on all the news!! and for future reference, even when I am away from blogging, I still update my facebook blog page with news, photos, and lots of other fun things, so If you don't "like" it already, you can do it here!
I thought it might be nice to do another "Photo-Diary" style post, to show you all what I've been up to, its been a fun week!

Indulging in a MUCH needed hair cut in Absolute Studios in Galway, (they did a great job, and their prices are not to be beaten, highly recommend!)

Very excited by my new Unicorn tee-shirt :D (from Penneys/Primark)

New hair!! I decided to get my ends ombre'd again, its so perfect for summer, and a really low maintenance style :)

I had the pleasure of taking these shots for my boyfriend and his friends club-night, Curfew. A pair of messers if I ever saw one!

Taking silly photos with my 3 sisters before a night out :)

Wearing h&m earrings and perspex collar, love them both!

Indulging in some Port Jelly and sheeps cheese from the Food Pavilion at the Galway Volvo Ocean Race, sooo good!

Vodka, Soda Water and strawberries = NOM

Snippet from an outfit post taken this week, tights by Pretty Polly

Sequined goodies from the Cotton Face Vintage pop-up shop at Pandora's Box in Kellys last week

Hanging out with my other sisters, Caoimhe, Lousie and Katie <3 <3

Unbelievably great local produce available at the Food Pavilion at the VolVo, this cheese was AMAZING!

Beautiful Galway :)

This dinosaur tee-shirt is an early birthday present from Yoseph, and I literally have been wearing it every day since I got it!
Thats all for now folks, sty tuned for a video blog for all my news and updates, some exciting announcements to be made, and I will be getting back into my regular posting again as soon as I can, promise!

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