Presenting at the Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Show!

Just a quick outfit post to show you all what I wore to do some presenting at a wonderful fashion show that was on in Kelly's last night. It was Galway's first ever Sustainable and Ethical fashion show, and showcased the designs of some boutiques in Galway that offer these types of clothes. The clothes themselves were spectacular, and I had an absolute blast presenting the show and getting to introduce all the shops and designers. Being on stage by myself with a microphone for the whole show left me a bit nervous (as you can imagine!) but I had no choice but to shove my nerves aside and get on with the show! Thankfully it went off without a hitch, and pretty soon I was relaxed and having so much fun with it. Especially the part where I got to announce the raffle winners, I just love raffles! All in all the event was a big success for everyone involved, and despite my initial nerves, I loved it! Doing live presenting jobs like this is such good presenting experience for me, because there are no re-takes or do-overs, you have to get it right the first time, and if you do make a mistake, you just have to roll with it!
Now, on to what I was wearing! One of the amazing Boutiques that were showcasing their designs on the night, Sirona Boutique (check out their facebook page here) decided to lend me a dress for the night. I absolutely loved it, the colour was spectacular, I was so sad to give it back! The dress is by designer Camilla Norrback and is 100% ethical and sustainable, and the fabric is made from -wait for it- wood pulp! Could you imagine! Needless to say it was so soft and comfortable, I would never have guess it used to be a tree! Haha!

Hope you enjoyed this little post!

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