Real vs Steal: Chloe Studded Ankle Boots Vs Office Nighthawk Boots!

My Office boots

This week's "Real vs Steal" is a personal victory of mine, and one that I hop you guys enjoy just as much! Like every other fashion blogger out there, I had been lusting after the ChloĆ© "Susan" boots for some time now. Their beautiful studded pattern, the cute buckles, and the seemingly perfectly-sized heel all combined together to make them my ultimate ankle boot. But sadly, the $1, 245 price tag left me a bit shy to make the purchase! I had been keeping an eye out for a good replica for a long time now, but none of the boots I spotted on the high street were up to scratch, until that is, I was walking by Office a few days ago, and did an immediate double-take. There they were! My beloved boots, in the window. It was too good to be true! I immediately went in, tried them on, and after deciding that yes, they were indeed the perfect alternative, I snapped them up quicksmart! So ladies, if you're on the hunt for the perfect ankle boot, with just the right amount of edge, then look no further!  Good quality leather, comfortable, and with the reasonable price tag of approx  €110 (15% off for students!) you cant really go wrong with these babies. Get them here. Well played Office, you have proved to me once again that you are the BEST for incredible shoes at high-street prices!

What do you guys think of these boots? Will you be buying them? Let me know in the comment box below!


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