Review: Tar Mar's Handmade Pouch Bags (with Referral Discount!)

As you guys may have seen on yesterday's "outfit of the day" post, I'm wearing a my new pouch bag that was made for me by very  talented fellow blogger Tara of "Tar Mar" fame. When I saw that she was selling these bags through her blog, I just had to snap one up in burgundy and in black, and I thought I would write a short review for you guys on what I thought of them.
I had been fawning over the American Apparel versions  of this bag for ages and ages, but they were just too expensive to justify buying. Fifty six Euro? Would ya G'WAY outta that! Far too expensive. I had searched the internet for an alternative, but it seemed that no where else made this simple design.*
But thankfully Tara came to my rescue! She whipped me up two bags in no time, and to my desired measurements, mind you! I paid her via paypal, and the pieces arrived within no time, neatly packaged. The quality of both bags is fantastic, and Tara uses  a special type of  leatherette used in upholstery, which gives the bags their strong but supple feel. The material has a lovely matte finish (no yucky shine that you find on cheap leather) and the zip is strong and runs smoothly when opening and closing. It fits all my essentials, which always include a notepad, pen, camera, phone, hand cream, wallet, and a few other small bits and bobs, and the matte leatherette makes it easy to hold, either gripped in the palm of your hand, or cradled under your arm. These bags are a wonderful piece to have in your wardrobe, and because they're so simple, you can dress them up or down, depending on your taste.
Speaking to the lady herself, who just completed an Art Craft and Design course, Tara claims that with her course finishing she can now throw herself into her hobby:
"Well now that my course is over, I'm really looking into customizing clothes, kinda ragged priest inspired stuff, but with a bit more of a girly edge, lots of custom collars and funky sleeves. I learned alot from my dressmaking course over the last few months! Maybe [I'll make] a few pieces from scratch! Also Ive always been interested in metallic and shiny leatherettes so im experimenting at the moment with making my own colours and styles, its really exciting! Rose gold bags are underway now!"
She also claims that she does not want to mass produce her designs, and would prefer to keep them to a small amount:
"I'll only make things if its fun, and I want each thing to be kinda 'limited' and special, so I wont make like 50 of anything, I like to move on and keep trying knew things and pushing to see what standard I can make something to!"
So if you fancy one of these pouches, then you better get in there quick! At the moment they come in burgundy, black, red and cream, with more colours soon. They cost just €12, with €1.50 for postage and packaging, and she offers 2 bags for the price of €20 (with postage and packaging). Email her at taramarzuki@gmail.com for different measurements and colour options.
Tara is also offering a referral discount to any of my readers who say "Ciara from WildChild Stories sent me", which will get you free shipping with your order!
Email her at taramarzuki@gmail.com for different size measurements and colour options.

Check out Tara's Blog and Twitter and Youtube to stay up-to-date with her customising antics:

**TANGENT ALERT: Why do clothing companies sometimes find it so hard to keep things simple?!? Is it that they are afraid to be boring? Minimalism and simplicity in design, when done well, is FAR from boring. Anyhow.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Tara or Tara's blog in any way, nor was I gifted this Item. Im just a happy customer :D

Hope you enjoyed this review! What do you think of the bags? Let me know in the comments below!


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