~ 30% Discount Code for Motel Rocks ~ for all WildChild Stories Readers!

 dress : MotelRocks

So MotelRocks have just informed me that the week before Halloween my usual 20% Discount that I can proudly offer my dear readers will be increased to a whopping 30%! 

All you have to do is follow the link here and use the code "WILDCHILDCIARA" at the checkout. They really have some amazing pieces in stock at the moment, and I have to say I have been unashamedly using my own discount willy-nilly! I recently bought the Gabby Sequin Dress in Green (first dress on the right there) and I CANNOT WAIT to show it to you guys in an outfit post, its seriously stunning, the sequins give amazing sparkle! Just remember guys, the code only works up until Halloween, then it reverts back to the regular 20%. Check out their new arrivals section here to see what other tasty bits and pieces they have in stock :)

So go forth my dear readers ~ use it /abuse it, and happy shopping! :D


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