Diet Coke Fashion Friday #2: My Top 5 Halloween Costume Tips ~ for Fashionistas Everywhere.

With Halloween just around the corner, its time to start thinking about our costumes! If you're feeling a bit uninspired this year, then my Top 5 Tips are just about to make your life a whole lot easier...

 1. Use what's in your wardrobe. It’s that simple really. You’ve spent all that hard earned cash on your wonderful wardrobe, so why not make it work for you come Halloween? Got a fondness for faux fur? Why not dress up as Cruella Deville? Soft spot for skulls and skeleton print leggings? Throw them all together and go as a Sugar Skull. Crazy about cosmic Print? Why not go all out and dress up as a nebula! (you'll earn extra nerd-points for that one) Top your desired look off with some crafty makeup, or a wig, and hey, presto! There's your outfit. It will cost you next to nothing, and even if you don't look scary, you'll still look fabulous. 

  2. Go as a Fashion Icon.  To earn some serious fashion points, why not try dressing up as some of the big players, like Anna Wintour or Karl Largerfield. Surprisingly easy to accomplish, although both will require a wig to really pull off the look. Accessorise with your trusty copy of Vogue, or your beloved "Choupette" kitty teddy, and away you go! Sure, not everyone will "get" who you are, but the ones who do will think you RULE. For serious bonus points: beg, borrow or steal some pieces from the new Anna Dello Russo highstreet collaboration, and go as the woman herself. To seal your name in the Fashionista-Halloween-Costume-Hall of Fame forever, perform "Fashion Shower" in front of everyone, complete with dance moves. You are now the stuff of Halloween legend. 

  3. Zombify your Costume. They're like,  so hot right now. I’m serious! Movies, books, video games, they're practically the new vampire. (Easy, Twihards)Making a killer zombie costume is a lot easier and cheaper than it looks.  To really make a statement however, why not go as a themed zombie. Don't get it? Just think of it as a formula: Regular costume idea + zombie = AWESOME. Think zombie Little Red Riding Hood, zombie celebrity etc, if you follow this simple formula you're sure to earn serious costume points with your peers. 

  4. Movie Characters. If you're not too keen on dressing up as a zombie, and would rather a costume that’s more pleasing to the eye, then why not pick a character from one of your favourite Teen movies? Cult fash-pack favourites such as The Craft and Clueless will be big winners, especially if you learn all your quotes off and stay in character all night. I have yet to see someone go as Regina George form Mean Girls or Penny Lane from Almost Famous. Just sayin'. 

  5.Go Topical. Finally, if you are trying to please the more "hipster" of crowds, then you really need to think outside the box, and going as someone or something topical will get you noticed. To save you hours of trawling through Tumblr and Twitter's trending sections, here are the ones that will have you on the fast-track to cool-ville:
  • Go as the recently "restored" Ecce Homo Painting
  • Fashion your own space suit and go as Felix Baumgartner
  • If all else fails, just go as an internet MEME
Above Photo: Fashion Blogger Anouska Proetta Brandon used some skeleton pieces from her wardrobe to create an amazing Sugar Skull costume.

  Well there you have it! Follow my Top 5 Halloween Costume Tips and you'll never put a foot wrong this Hallow'sEve. 

 Have fun, Stay safe, and most importantly, Love it light :) 

  (Wild Child Stories is one of  the four "Fashion Friday" bloggers writing for Diet Coke. These monthly posts are published both on WildChildStories.com and the Fashion Friday tab on the Diet Coke Facebook page to 1.9 million people. )

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