Diet Coke Fashion Friday Article #3 : Top Tips to Make Winter more bearable!

Movember Galway Campaign
I think everyones experienced that rather depressing "lull" after Halloween haven't they? The realisation that our dreaded Irish Winter has well and truly set in, it can be a bit of a daunting thought! Last week we had Leanne telling you how to stay warm and snug during the Winter months, and this week I'll be giving you my Top  Tips on how to survive the Winter months with your sanity intact, none of which will cost you a penny. So lets get started!

Help out a worthy cause. November is a really big month for charities, the big players being Movember (raising awareness for Men's health, specifically prostate cancer) and The Irish Big Knit (working alongside Age Action to help protect the elderly during winter.) These two charities offer extremely fun ways of getting involved through various events and projects around the country, so as well as making a huge difference, you'll have a laugh helping out. Plus, there's always that lovely happy feeling you get when you help out a good cause. Visit either websites to find out more. P.s Movember is for girls, too. If you need a reason to get involved, see above photo. 

  Clear out your Closet! Many people wait until January to give their closet a good clear out, as its sort of a tradition along with the whole "Spring Clean" attitude, but I think that there is no better time to give your wardrobe the ol' heave-ho than in the dull winter months. The trend du jour in closet-clearing however, is to sell your pre-loved items at one of the many "Rail Sales" that are popping up all over the country. This way, you can get rid of your unwanted items and pocket some extra dosh before the Christmas season. Selling your pre-loved garments couldn't be easier ~ us Galwegians have  "Pandora's Box", Dubliners involved in the fashion industry sell at the "Fashion Fall Out" and Corkonians have the newly established "Steal My Style" event. As well as making money and getting rid of all your excess clobber, you are also sure to find a bargain or two amongst all the other treasures being sold.  Remember ~ "One woman's trash..." and so on! 

  Revisit old Boxsets. If you find yourself absolutely shattered after all that nice wholesome charity work and closet-clearing, then my next tip is sure to please you. One of my favourite things about the Winter months is that I shamelessly revisit my old favourite Tv Shows. Yes, there are a multitude of new shows that we are told we simply must watch, but when the weather is grim and I have a night off, nothing gives me more pleasure than curling up on the couch with a blanket, a bucket of tea, 6 kilos of chocolate, and a Buffy marathon. Don't worry if your choice of boxset is even cheesier than mine, we don't judge - its the simple pleasures. 

  Plan your Getaway I firmly believe that the Winter months are made for scheming, planning, and plotting for the rest of the year. I love keeping a journal, and in it I like to stash away all my hopes, dreams and plans for the future months and years. Nerdy and childish, yes, but doing this genuinely makes me happy. I love making lists of goals, inspiration boards (Oprah swears by them!) and I especially like to plan holidays for the coming year. Why not plan your getaway this winter, even if its as far away as August. Doing it now will save you time, money, and of course, give you something wonderful to daydream about while your waiting at the bus stop, soaked and shivering.

(Below Photo: a direct representation of how I look when watching Buffy - honest.)

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