Halloween // Fancy Dress Outfit Post ~ What I dressed up as!

 I had my first Halloween outing over the weekend so I thought you guys might like to see what I dressed up as! I had no time to take proper photos so apologies for these rather crummy iPhone snaps! Since my real costume is planned for Wednesday night (Halloween night) I had to pull something together for Saturday, as I was heading out to celebrate my good friend Emily's birthday. I decided to dress as a superhero as not only is it an extremely and inexpensive costume to put together, but I absolutely LOVE superheroes too, and have done since I was a kid! 

As you can see Im still having a love-affair with my new Motel Rocks Gabby Sequin dress, and it really was the perfect addition to this costume. I also picked up some cool silvery material from Hickeys (my local habberdashery) for a few euro, and threw on a wig I had bought in Penneys a while ago. (I'm pretty sure they're still stocking wigs so get your but in there if you need some for Halloween!) I also decided to pick up matching silver cuffs in Penneys to complete the look.  When I was up in my room searching for the perfect pair of tights to wear, I stumbled across this old mask of mine, which was an absolute jackpot, as It finished the costume of perfectly! Just in case anyone's wondering, I choose "Lady Sparkle" as my Superhero name, and my special power was Telekinesis, (ie the power to move things with your mind) and my secret weapon was my silver Invisibility Cloak! 

 I had an absolute blast, and I was so happy with how my last minute costume turned out ~I love Halloween!!! I'll be dressing up again on Friday, so I'll fill you guys in on that when I get the chance, and I'll try to take some better photos too! :) 

I hope everyone is enjoying the Halloween festivities, I'd really love to know what everyone else is dressing up as, feel free to let me know in the comment box below! 

  Oh and don't forget, if you want to snap up my beautiful Gabby Sequin Dress at a major 30% off, or anything else from Motel Rocks at 30% off, I have can offer my readers a special discount code up until Halloween (the 31st)! Just follow the link here and enter the code "WILDCHILDCIARA" at the checkout! Simples! :D

Thats all for now folks, stay tuned for Wednesdays costume ~ it's gonna be good! xxx Ciara   Ps: Here is a photo of my boyfriend Yoseph's costume, he went as Millhouse!  I had such a laugh helping him get ready, I got covered in yellow face-paint!



  1. Nice costumes and accessories. I just love Halloween parties very much. Its very fascinating for me to watch how all have dressed up.

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