INTERVIEW ~ Q&A with Erika Fox, Fashion Stylist and Blogger

This week tacking the "Wild Child Files" Q&A we have the wonderful Erika Fox, 21 year old fashion stylist and blogger at RetroFlame.blogspot.com.
Just back form a whirlwind 3 months in New York, Erika spent her time  in the city pursuing her ambitions through interning with FoundFuture and Whitney Eve, the clothing line of none other than Whitney Port!
Erika's energy is infectious, and followers of her blog (such as myself) have watched her go from strength to strength in the past few months. She is the perfect example of how sheer drive and determination will always get you where you want to be, which is why she's a prefect candidate for my "Wild Child Files" feature. I strongly suggest you check her blog Retro Flame out, after you read her Q&A of course.... :)

NAME:  Erika Fox
OCCUPATION: Fashion Stylist & Blogger
FAVOURITE FOOD/MEAL:  Spaghetti -I will literally eat it with anything. Also, I must say that I wouldn't be able to survive without ketchup & chilli sauce.
FAVORITE PERK OF MY JOB: It allows me to meet some very interesting people, it means that a lot of time I get to work for myself & I love the fact that it keeps me on my toes.
FRIENDS TELL ME I'M: Hardworking, always busy & very hard to buy presents for!
MY PROUDEST MOMENT TO DATE: Getting the chance to Intern with Whitney Port during New York Fashion Week -an opportunity like that is going to be very difficult to top.
LAST DREAM I HAD: It was a very weird one actually -I dreamt that I accidentally drove off a cliff when I was driving from Kerry to Galway! I really hope that doesn't come true any time soon.
MY GUILTY PLEASURE: Gossip Girl -I am VERY excited for the final season starting this week.
CANT STOP LISTENING TO: Little Talks -Of Monsters and Men. I can't decide which of their voices I love the most.
MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE: Blue leopard print leggings with a denim skirt when I was about 13. It still horrifies me to look at the pictures.
CURRENTLY LUSTING AFTER: A green Kenzo Jumper & Alexander Wang black ankle boots.
PET PEEVE: People who don't say please & thank you. I despise rudeness!
BIGGEST SPLURGE/SPEND:  My Summer in NYC ....which was worth every single penny.
DREAM HOLIDAY/TRIP: It had always been a trip to New York. But now next on the list is a trip to Coachella festival in LA -my sister & I are already planning it for 2014.
WHERE I'LL BE IN 5 YEARS TIME: Fingers crossed, I'll be back in New York working in fashion.
HOW I WIND DOWN: Friday evenings at home in Kerry with my mom, sister & some nice food. Also, there's a lovely beach very near where I live in Kerry & a walk there always takes my mind of things.
MY MANTRA/SECRET TO SUCCESS:  The harder you work, the luckier you get...& ALWAYS chance your arm!
IF I WAS AN ANIMAL I'D BE: Ha a fox? No I think I'd like to be some kind of animal that is extremely rare.
MY CELEBRITY CRUSH (DEAD OR ALIVE!) : Chase Crawford -Nate from Gossip Girl. Perfection.
MY CURRENT DREAM/GOAL: I have a lot of these at any given time. But my main ones at the moment are to further develop my Blog, to gain some experience in a fashion magazine, to start up my own little business (keep an eye on my blog) & of course, to return to New York as soon as I can!
ADVICE TO MY 16 YEAR-OLD SELF: Choose your friends very carefully, don't be afraid of big decisions -everything happens for a reason, travel as much as you can, appreciate your family & keep believing that everything is going to turn out amazing!
WHO/WHAT INSPIRES ME : Mira Duma, Angela Scanlon & NYC.

With a keen eye for Vintage, Erika often incorporates it into her outfit choices.
You can stay updated on Erika's adventures through her blog, Retro Flame, and her Facebook page.
Be sure to tune in next week to see who's answering my questions next!

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