Outfit Post: There's no Hope with Dope.

Top : AxParis // Necklace : eBay // Skirt : eBay // 
Boots : Jeffrey Campbell // Hat : eBay // Sunglasses : eBay

Soooo pretty much everything I'm wearing in this look is from eBay, apart from my trusty Tardy boots, and my wonderful new "DOPE" slogan tee from AxParis, which I absolutely love. 

Most people know that "Dope" means cool (or weed) in American slang, but it also means "idiot" in Irish slang ~ which makes me wonder if some people who don't get the American reference think that I'm essentially calling myself an eeejit (or maybe a dope-peddler ?!). Anyways, the thought makes me giggle a little when I wear this top, which must be a good thing, right? 

I also think this slogan-top is a refreshing change from the hugely popular (dare I say TOO popular?) "Geek" and "Nerd" tees that are all over the place right now, would you agree? It also comes in white and grey, and you can get them (and lots of other awesome threads) here.

Also, I think my eBay addiction is becoming more and more evident as these outfit posts continue. I just can't help it, its my favourite spot for amazingly cheap, on-trend pieces. 

Once you get past the shipping time (it can take up to a MONTH for your item to be delivered from some parts of Asia ~ painful !) and perfect your searching and trawling skillz, it becomes a fantastic resource. 

If anyone is trying eBay out for the first time and feels lost, feel free drop me an email (my contact details are here) or you can anonymously as me anything via my tumblr here. I have been using eBay it for over 7 nears now (yikes!) and will happily be your guru :)


P.S: I have provided clickable links to all my bargain eBay finds in the above outfit description, shoud you wish to check them out or shop them yourself :)

P.P.S: In case you were wondering where I the title of my post from ~ anyone remember this? Haha :P


  1. WOW! I love your style so much!!!! congrats on having a great blog, you have a new fan now ;D

    xoxo Julieta

    1. Awh that is wonderful news! Im so glad you like my blog Julieta, thank you so much! Big Love :) xoxo

  2. Love the skirt, I have something similar, it's such a staple piece! I wear mine with my moschino belt a lot. :)