WildChild Loves: Holographic / Space-Age


One trend I'm absolutely loving at the moment is the Holographic, Space-Age trend that I keep seeing on Tumblr and street-style blogs.  It reminds me of when I was a kid ~ remember those ridiculous bubble back-packs we used to wear?
 ~ how cool were we!?!

Anyway, now that the Holographic look has been adopted in a more fashionably-appropriate manner, I think that it's a really fun trend to play with. For fear of looking like a full-on Space-Cadet however, I would recommend working this trend into your accessories, or a singular piece in your outfit, such as a skirt or tee-shirt. Holographic nail polish is also a big winner, and I've been told that the reasonably-priced "Gosh" brand have a great dupe for the Chanel one above! I also know that this trend hasn't really hit the high-street just yet, but keep an eye out, as shops such as New Look and H&M will be featuring this trend very soon.

You can also stay tuned for a holographic-themed outfit post coming up here on the blog in the next few days!


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