Fashion Innovation Awards 2013 ~ Reporting for Fashion One Tv

Dress : Rihanna for River Island // Heels : Zara // Lion Necklace : eBay 

Firstly, Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful, chocolate-filled day :)

Some of you may have spotted from my facebook page and my Instagram that I attended the annual Fashion Innovation Awards in the Radission Galway on Thursday. I was covering the event for Fashion One (read blog post here) and I had an absolute blast! Its my third year in a row attending the event, and last year I covered it for Diet Coke Tv (watch the video here). Working with Fashion One this year was great fun, they are a wonderful team to work with! I cant wait to show you guys the video once its finished!

Above are some of the photos from the night, taken by DarachPhotography and Darius Ivan.  I was so happy to finally get the chance to wear my Rihanna for River Island dress which I bought at the Press Event a few weeks ago (read blog post here). I have been dying to show it to you guys, I love it so much! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the back to show you, which is a pity as the back is really nice. I love how simple and non-fussy the shape and cut is. I know the Rihanna for River Island collection was met with some mixed reviews, but I think this is an incredible dress. It fits like a dream, and the fabric is great quality, and so so soft!  I think i'll have to include it in a proper outfit post so I can show it to you properly.

In other news, Im in Spain right now, on holidays with my family, for a whole week! We're in a tiny costal town called Nerja, and Im having the greatest time, its so beautiful here. I have to pop off now, as  Im heading out for drinks and tapas (oooh) with my family soon, but I'll be doing my best to continue doing outfit posts and blogging while I'm here.




Ps: Check out this awesome gif that Saibh Egan Photography made for me, how neat is it? She's got some mad skills yo.

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  1. very beautiful, maybe you should do a make up routine post so us lowly beings can attempt to look as good as you :)

    1. Thank you Anon, and yes I have been getting a few questions about doing something like that recently, I'm working on it! :) xoxo