Hurrah! I'm Motel Rocks' Street Teamer of the Month!

Dress : Motel Rocks // Boots : Daisy Street // Gilet : eBay // Bowler Hat : eBay

So this week I some really great news in the form of an email from Motel Rocks, one of my favourite online brands, telling me I was their Street Teamer of the Month! I joined the Motel Street Team a few months ago as loved the idea of having my very own 20% discount to use and share with my friends and readers. Since signing up I have had an absolute blast sharing the code, styling my looks with my favourite Motel Pieces, and making mood-boards of my top Motel Picks. So to be told that I was chosen as Street Teamer of the Month for March made me very happy indeed :) 

You can read my Street Teamer interview on the Motel Rocks blog here

Also I have a few lovely new Motel pieces that I have picked up recently, and I cant wait to show them to you guys, so stay tuned for some more outfit posts coming soon! Above is the latest instalment, its a variation on the very popular Gabby dress, in an off-the-shoulder style, and I am absolutely in love with it, its the perfect party dress! You can Hype this look on Lookbook using the button above (or here), I'd really appreciate it! :)

and in the meantime, don't forget that you can use my special code "WILDCHILDCIARA" to get 20% Motel Rocks all day everyday! You can us the code as many times as you like, and you can even share it with all of your friends or on your own blogs/pages. Sharing is caring, haha!



  1. You go girl! Skys the limit :)

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