eBay Shopping Guide ~ My Bargain Picks #1

Hey  guys! So this post is a little different from my usual posts, but it's one that is requested a lot!
As you guys probably know, I am a huge fan of eBay. I have been using it for about 5 years now to sniff-out amazing bargains and one-off pieces for my wardrobe. Over the past few years I have grown increasingly tired and frustrated with the standard and originality of some of the highstreet shops in Ireland, which pushed me to branch out into online shops and eBay even more to find fresh pieces that no one else would have. 
I have gotten a lot of questions recently about where exactly i find some of these bargains, which sellers to search for and so on, so I have decided to start a series of "eBay Shopping Guides" to show you guys where you can get them! I will feature them in batches, so I wont be bombarding you with too much stuff all at once!

So before I get into my first batch of Top Picks, here are a few things you should know about ebay, a "Crash-Course" if you will!

What you need to know about eBay:
  • The main eBay sites I would recommend using are eBay.ie (Ireland). eBay.com (US) and eBay.co.uk (UK) They are the easiest to use and navigate, and they are all in English.
  • In order to use eBay, you have to register (i.e. set up a profile) and set up a PayPal account. This is how you will pay for your purchases. Your Paypal account then charges the amount to your credit card afterwards, so you never have to use your credit card on any eBay site. I have been using PayPal for years to send and receive money online, its super easy and 100% safe. Just make sure to read all their instructions and guidelines carefully, and keep your password safe!
  • Make sure to check sellers feedback before you buy from them, so you can see if they are a trustworthy seller. 
  • If you have any questions about the item you want to buy, just ask the seller! eBay makes it easy for you to do so, and they will usually answer any questions you may have.
  • Always remember that shipping times can take longer than with normal online shops. Your seller will usually tell you how long and item will take to arrive, so you can have a good idea. When buying from outside Europe, the wait can be 2+ weeks, and when buying from Asia, you may have to wait 3 weeks, even up to a month for your item to arrive! 
  • Some Asian sellers only stock really small sizes, so be sure to check the measurements before you buy.
  • If you buy something and it is never delivered to you, or it arrives and it is not what you expected, be sure to contact your seller about any problems you have and they will sort it out. If your seller does not reply to you, you can also open up an official claim in eBay to get a refund.

So they are just a few pointers that I feel everyone should know before they start buying from eBay. Now that we've cleared that up, lets get on to the fun stuff ~ My Top eBay Picks! I've even featured links to make it that much easier for you all.

My Top Picks #1:

(Clockwise from top left) 

Cat Eye Sunglasses: Some seriously funky sunnies, I just love the shape of these! Get them here // Outfit Post here

Stirrup Chunky Heels: I remember getting SO excited when I found these over a year ago as they were great dupes for the amazing Balenciaga heels that were around at the time. They're still available thankfully, and you can get them here. // Outfit Post here

Embellished Leggings: Perfect for a night out, (or some seriously edgy daywear!) These leggings are totally badass and affordable. Get them here // Outfit Post here
(Note: I noticed that after a few wears, some of the embellishes loosened and started to fall off, so don't expect them to last you a long time, think "cheap and cheerful")

Fringed Kimono: One of my favourite eBay purchases to date. Perfect for the summer-time and for layering under biker jackets for a cool boho look. Also comes in a beautiful red version (which I'm sooo close to buying too) Get it here // Outfit Post here

Pleated leather skirt: I have to admit, I wasn't overly impressed with the quality of this skirt when I first got it, but I have gotten a few wears out of it, that style skirt goes with everything. Get it here // Outfit Post here
(Note: I will probably look for a better version of this skirt, and when I find it I will update this)

 Bowler Hats: I have the "Wine red" colour, but you can chose from a huge array of shades. I found the quality to be really great, and I've worn mine heaps! Get them here  // Outfit Post here

 OBEY Snapback: I imagine this is probably a dupe of the official OBEY brand, but nonetheless, it's a funky snapback at a great price. I was really pleased with mine, and even my boyfriend steals it on occasion! Get it here // Outfit Post here

Lion Head necklace: Another eBay pick that I have gotten so much wear out of, this cute little lion head goes with just about errrythang in my wardrobe. Get it here  // Outfit Post here

So there you have it guys, that's my first instalment of my "Top eBay Picks", I hope you liked it! Stay tuned for the next instalment, which will feature some of my more recent eBay finds.

I'd love to know if you have been tempted to purchase anything from this list, or have already, so feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below. I always appreciate your feedback :)


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