News ~Movin' on Up!

Just a quick post to let you all in on some exciting news... WildChild Stories is packing up and moving to Dublin!

To say I am excited about this move would be a big understatement, I can't friggin' wait! Even though its not all that far away, Dublin still a new city with new opportunities and new adventures!

I've been planning this move for quite some time now, and I wanted to make sure that the timing was right.  I'm at the stage where I've done all I can in Galway relating to my field of work (media & broadcasting) right now. I love Galway to bits, and it will always be my home, but there are more opportunities for me, both in broadcasting and for my blog, up in Dublin.

Plus, it had gotten to the stage where I was making the trip up and down to Dublin on the bus at least once a week for different projects and work appointments, so it really feels like the right time to pack up and move!

Here's a few reasons why moving to Dublin is awesome:
  • No more bussing it up and down for Dublin events. (which often includes having to do your makeup on the bus ~ shudder!)
  • Getting to hang out with my Dublin friends more. That includes YOU, Dublin bloggers! Cocktails, coffees, pints ~ holla at me!
  • The weather is most certainly better than rainy (but lovely) Galway.
  • ZARA and H&M ~ Nuff said. 

.. and a few reasons why moving to Dublin is not-so-awesome:
  • Galway-friends and family that I wont get to see all the time. But hey, thats what spontaneous weekend trips home are for!
  • Emperor City Galway's salt & chilly shredded-chicken. I actually don't know how I will survive without it. Tear.
  • Having to leave some of my clothes behind me in Galway. Boo!
  • PACKING. BOXING. LIFTING. MOVING. (we all know, it's a pain in the butt!)
I will keep you guys updated on the move, and once I get settled in a new place (which should be in about 2 weeks time) I have big plans for the blog that I want to get cracking on!

 In the meantime I have decided to run some more "Win My Wardrobe" Giveaways, seen as the last one went so well! I should be launching the next one tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

Now if you'll excuse me, I better get back to packing! (GROAN)

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