WildChild Adventures: Beyonce Mrs Carter Show ~ Photo Diary

As promised in yesterdays outfit post, (read here) here are some snaps from my adventures at the Beyonce gig on Sunday! My friends Ailbhe & Jess, and my sister Briona and I roadtripped it up to Dublin to catch the second night of the Mrs Carter World Tour Show in Dublin's O2 Arena.

Let me just start by saying that myself and Briona are huge Beyonce fans, from way back in the Destiny's Child days, so to get the chance to finally see Queen B live in concert after so long, well it was pretty damn amazing! As expected, she gave a show-stopping performance, even better than I had expected, and I expected big things! She has always been a huge inspiration to me, I admire her ambition, her work ethic, her attitude, and above all her message. Her music has always made me feel confident, empowered, and so so happy! 

So yeah, it was a pretty great experience! Here are some photos from earlier in the night:

Outfit Planning in the morning. You gotta look good for Queen B! I asked you guys on my facebook page which look you liked better, and the majority of you loved the left one!

Time to get ready! My beautiful sister doing her makeup

Silly Faces :)

Briona's outfit!

My outfit! Most of you have seen this bralette on my facebook page already, I snapped it up in Penneys a few days ago for a mere €8, absolute bargain! Its from their new "Worn to be Seen" underwear range, which means you van choose your exact cup and waist size, so the fit is perfect!

Here are some snaps from outside the gig: Jess, Me, Briona and Ailbhe ~ lots of excited faces! As you can see, I didn't take any photos during the concert, as I was too busy singing, dancing, jumping around, and generally having an amazing time!  To be honest, I don't really see the point in going to a concert and spending half your time trying to record the show and take loads of photos, I say just enjoy the moment!

If you want, you can see some photos of her tour here.

Anyways, we were in the standing section, and we got a place very close to the front, so we had a wonderful view of everything, and were scarily close to Queen B herself! It was amazing!

The setlist was perfection, she sang everything I wanted to hear, and her costumes were phenomenal! My favourite had to be the bright patterned bodice set she wore for her new song "Grown Woman", which I later found out was designed by Kenzo, FAB!

Here's a quick snap of the one thing I bought while in Dublin, I have been hearing great things about the American Apparel Neon polish range, so I made it my mission to grab a bottle while I was in the city. I haven't used it yet, but Im pretty excited to try it out!

I also got to meet one of my lovely readers Jennifer, who came up to say hi after the concert. You were an absolute dote, and it was lovely to chat to you girl. United by our love of Beyonce, haha!

So thats all my gossip from the concert, I thought it would be nice to do a little feature on it, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading my little rambles :)

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