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Since I have moved to Dublin, I have been glued to my iPhone and have been relying on it for things that I would have to do in Galway, such as hailing taxis, locating places, transferring money, and so on.
I thought it might be cool to do a slightly "techy" post, featuring some of the apps that, as a fashion blogger and an intern, I use on a daily basis. The best part is they're all absolutely free too!

Google Maps: If you don't have this app already, It is an absolute MUST for getting around. I have been using it so much since my move, to figure out where the hell I'm going! Some press & fashion events are held in interesting & quirky places around Dublin city, and so for fear of being late, I always check out the locations on Google Maps before heading out the door.

Hailo: Again, an absolute must if you're a city-slicker living in Dublin. I usually wear heels to most fashion events I attend, and so walking long distances isn't really an option, and taxis are necessary! Hailo is a taxi service that lets you hail, book, and pay for taxi services online, it tracks them right up to you door  (so you don't have to hang around on the street waiting for them) and most importantly, all Hailo taxi drivers have an official profile, which you can access in the app, so you know exactly who you're driver is. You can even recommend, tip, or even report taxi drivers based on the service they provide. I think this is an essential app not only in terms of personal safety, but also for down-right handyness. 

(For those of you outside Dublin, I have been told that it will be launching nationwide very soon, so keep an eye out!)

AIB Online Banking: I always try my best to stay on top of my funds, and so being able to check and transfer your money on-the-go via the online banking app is a welcome facility. So before you splurge on those Topshop shoes, you always double-check that you have the funds to back it up!

eBay: Im sure you all know by know how into eBay I am (if not, see here, and here) and this app is an absolute must for me. I am always hunting for bargain fashion finds, and one-off quirky pieces. You can track your bids on the go, browse ebay, pay sellers, or even sell your own items if you fancy, all in this handy little app. Warning ~ beware that some spontaneous eBay purchasing may ensue, they really do make it too easy to spend your money!

PicFx & InstaCollage: For those of you who are addicted to instagram like me, photo-editing apps are essential. I like to use PixFx to get that lovely lighting and hearts effects on my insta-photos, and I use Insta collage for, yep, you guessed it ~ making collages! The collage app is great for outfit snaps, but Im also looking to try out one of the mirror effect ones, and the self-timer app! If you have any recommendations for those apps, I'd love to hear them!

Do you use any of these apps? Or better still, do you have any recommendations of your own? I'd love to hear them!


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