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Im due to sign the lease for my new place tomorrow, and all going well, I will have a beautiful new house to decorate and make my own. I've always had a love for interiors and decorating, and so I have decided to incorporate it into my blog more. I'll be featuring inspiration posts, wish-lists, mood-boards, and even a look into my own personal spaces, and how I like to decorate them.

So lets kick things off with my first interiors post ~ some closet inspiration!

Most of you will recognise the above photo as Carries famous closet from Sex and the City. I think seeing her prance around in it during the show was actually what kick-started my obsession to have the perfect closet space. The idea of having your own little area to store all of your treasures, hide from the real world and play dress-up as long as you please, well that just seems like absolute heaven to me.

I always try to store my clothes as best I can, I think its so important to take good care of them, and I love having them displayed as nicely as possible. I hate the thought of a beautiful garment being stuffed away into the back of a wardrobe, I feel like its being suffocated! (I'm not even kidding) Beautiful clothes are like pieces of art, and like art, they need to be stored and displayed appropriately, so they can be fully appreciated! Would you guys agree?

The new apartment that I am due to move into will have a spare room, and I will partially be using it as a closet space, which I am SO excited about. I've been trawling the internet looking for interesting ideas for closet rooms, and here are some amazingly beautiful closets I have been using for inspiration.

I'm fully aware that the above closets we're probably designed with big budgets, which I obviously don't have right now, but I'm going to do my best to make a space thats functional and beautiful. I'll keep you guys updated on how Im getting on, and I promise that I'll share any good ideas, tips, and tutorials I have in future posts.

Wish me luck!


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